The department’s human and material resources are available to student engineers (both SUPAERO and ENSICA curricula), as well as to graduate students preparing various degrees, within the Physics, Electronics and Telecoms, Space Systems training units at SUPAERO and Avionics and Systems training unit at ENSICA.

These programs are concerned with fundamental sciences (quantum and statistical physics, electromagnetism, electronics) as well as applied sciences: antennas, satellite navigation systems, signal processing, image sensors, optical links, microwave and infrared embedded instrumentation, space telecoms, space sensors, etc.

DEOS works with the Université de Toulouse in training students at a Masters level in four scientific domains:

  • Signal, Image, Acoustics and Optimization (SIAO),
  • Information technology and Telecommunications (IT),
  • Micro- and Nano-Systems (MNS),
  • Microwaves, Electromagnetism and Optoelectronics (MEMO).