Adaptive antennas

The group is involved in research activities in the field of adaptive antennas, from modeling and design of antennas, to array processing techniques.

Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the impact of their environment on antennas, as well as to the design and analysis of robust adaptive techniques for beamforming, detection and direction finding. The main applications are in the area of radar, communications and navigation.

Some specific projects include:

  • space-time adaptive processing (STAP) in non-homegeneous clutter for airborne radars,
  • adaptive radar detection in the presence of uncertainties about the space and/or time signature of the target,
  • robust adaptive beamforming,
  • beamforming for satellite communications with dispersed coverage,
  • array processing for multipath mitigation in GNSS systems,
  • wideband radar array processing,
  • multiscale and multiresolution techniques for the finite-difference, time-domain method (FDTD).