Modeling and Simulation of Physical Phenomena

This work has been carried out within the framework of ONERA’s PUMA project.

The purpose of this research is numerical modeling of cold discharges and their interaction with low Mach number flows. The work has focused in part on corona discharges (thesis of J. Mateo-Velez), as well as on dielectric-barrier discharges (thesis of T. Unfer). The numerical models produced make it possible to calculate the aerodynamic effects of a corona or dielectric-barrier plasma actuator.

Furthermore, a new research orientation involves modeling with the use of time fractional derivatives, the representation of their diffusion and their efficient numerical simulation, with applications in acoustics and continuum mechanics. The work took place within the framework of initial actions of ANR Consonnes and led to invitations to two international conferences: IEEE MED’08 and IFAC FDA’08.