Sociology and Economics of Innovation

The primary goal of this research unit is to contribute to the curriculum for ISAE students in the fields of social science.

Specifically, this breaks down as:

  • providing scientific responses to the main questions of industrial and institutional partners in the field of technological change management,
  • providing ongoing adaptation of curricula for engineers and doctoral students concerning the main subjects of our research: knowledge and networks.

The research subjects explored are social networks in the research community and companies, management of innovation processes, transmission of knowledge, research and innovation piloting. This is carried out in close collaboration with scientific laboratories specialized in this discipline and in particular L.I.S.S.T. (Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire, Solidarités, Sociétés, Territoires, Unité Mixte de Recherche, UMR CNRS 5193,, of which Marie-Pierre Bès is a member.

Other partnerships have been set up with the Université de Toulouse - Social Sciences. Research work on knowledge and networks is part of the focus of scientific associations in this field (INSNA, AISLF, AFS). This activity includes the apprenticeship of research methods (surveys, questionnaires and software), to highlight social networks during participation in relevant conferences and seminars.