Links between training-research

« A training center for research and innovation »

The link between training-research is the second fundamental principle of ISAE scientific policy, immediately after that of its autonomy under supervision by the Ministry of Defence.

This principle is a major element of the Institute’s research policy, leading it to control its research orientations in line with its principal objective of training. The research activity must mainly be conceived of in particular so as to accommodate the students at the institute in a manner consistent with its educational project for whom training for research and project work constitutes a fundamental element.

Beyond the choice of scientific themes, this means that research topics must mainly be selected so as to be able to focus on them contributions from the work of pupils and students at various levels, from Short Research Projects in the first year of Graduate Program, through to thesis work for PhD or at post-doctorate level. This principle is a major one in the sense that it implies immediate proximity between engineer training and research, both in terms of subject matter and geographically. Unity of place for training-research and opening out research activity to welcome pupils undergoing training are two elements that shape research policy. This is not so much seen as a constraint, but rather as a specific and strongly stated perspective for ISAE research as compared with conventional university research or research centers.