The issue at stake for ISAE scientific policy is to contribute to making the Institute the European leader among higher educational institutions in the aerospace sector.

However, to be recognised at an international level, a higher educational institution must offer an environment for research of the first order combined with a doctoral training scheme.

SUPAERO and ENSICA have clearly understood this as for the last 4 decades they have been developing such a policy aimed at offering their students and professors a high quality research environment.

The DGA exercising authority over the ISAE on behalf of the French Ministry of Defence has also fully understood this issue perfectly in setting forth the objectives of the merger between the two Grandes Ecoles SUPAERO and ENSICA. The mission statement for the Délégué Général de l’Armement of 9 June 2004 in particular assigns the objective of ensuring this convergence to constitute an institution to conduct a policy of active and integrated research. This policy’s end result and the influence it exerts are under control of the Institution itself working in close partnership with ONERA, and conferring the doctoral title under its own seal.

These elements constitute the basic framework of the ISAE scientific policy.

This fully expresses the Institution’s ambition, the orientation its partnership policy and its role in terms of doctoral education.